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Shoei heads up motorcycle helmet ratings for third time!

When you hop on your motorcycle, there are a few essentials you should always have – your keys, your wallet, your phone, and your helmet. The fact is that riding a motorcycle is as thrilling as it is potentially dangerous, so ensuring you have all the right equipment, at all times, is a no-brainer. Accessories don’t come any more important than a good helmet.

But when it comes to protecting your noggin, Aussies have plenty of helmets to choose from, which can give you a few headaches when it comes to narrowing down the options. While it might appear to be an easy decision, helmets are a purchase that it’s best to take your time with, as it may end up being the only thing between you and a nasty injury. To help with the decision-making process, Canstar Blue produces an annual review of motorcycle helmets, rated by the boys and girls who wear them on our roads every day.

This year, almost 500 adults took part in our research, with six major brands rated in the following order for overall customer satisfaction: 1st Shoei, 2nd Arai
3rd AGV, 4th Shark Helmets, 5th Bell Helmets, 6th Fox.

It’s the third year in a row that Shoei has topped the ratings for motorcycle helmets, suggesting it’s head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to keeping riders comfortable and content on the roads.

This year’s survey found that durability, vision and comfort/fit are the greatest drivers of satisfaction for consumers, with additional non-safety features, style/design and value for money slightly less important in the eyes of everyday riders. It’s worth keeping this in mind when you go looking for your next helmet.

If you’re in the market for some new headgear, read on to find out just what each brand has to offer, as well as which may be the best fit for you – literally. Meanwhile here are some of the key outcomes from our latest survey of motorcyclists.

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