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Shoei Helmets on Top for the Second Time!

A helmet is one area of the motorcycle world you don’t want to “cheap out” on. While you can probably save a few bucks by opting for a lesser motorcycle model than the one you dreamed of, or go to an independent mechanic and not a dealer, do you really want a cheap and cheerful helmet? All helmets in Australia must comply with a certain set of safety standards, though the standards have been opened up to allow Euro-compliant helmets into the country as well.

The majority of Aussie motorcyclists we surveyed in 2017 (53%) most recently bought a full face helmet, while around one in five (19%) bought a flip-up helmet, and just 6% bought one solely for off-road use. Helmet safety awareness is also pretty high, with 61% knowing they shouldn’t wear a helmet after it has been involved in a crash.

Only 17% of respondents have ever bought a helmet online, preferring to try on and fit in-person. Technology-packed helmets are also on the rise, with 14% owning a helmet with added electronic features built into their helmet (e.g. Bluetooth). It is evident Aussie riders know a thing or two about motorcycle helmets. But which helmets are rated highest?

As far as helmet satisfaction goes, Shoei has topped our customer ratings for the second time. Shoei dominated every single research category, with five stars across the board.

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