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Premium Street / Touring

Equipped with many of Shoei’s top features, while keeping functionality efficient and to the point, the all-new RYD is anything but “entry level”. Boasting a compact, aerodynamic shell design along with sharp and aggressive styling, the RYD has a progressive look all of its own. Exceptional airflow, an advanced shield system, and a fully removable liner allow the RYD to excel whether short-distance street performance or long-distance touring comfort is your jam. The RYD Streamlined functionality and affordability with premium Shoei quality.

Design Concept

• Advanced short-distance street performance and long-distance touring comfort
• Compact, aerodynamic shell design with sharp and aggressive styling
• Optimal shell aerodynamics and liner components reduce unwanted road noise
• Matte black ventilation components enhance aggressive styling
• Streamlined function and affordability

RYD Helmet Design

Premium High-Flow Ventilation

 Three air intakes and two exhaust outlets provide optimal airflow
Adjustable air intakes allow airflow customisation in every condition
 Simple design of vents allow for easy use with gloves
Two upper air vents for optimal air intake
 Two upper exhaust vents improve negative air pressure suction
 Wind tunnel optimised for maximum airflow throughout the helmet

Multi-Ply Matrix AIM Shell

Five layer AIM proprietary technology shell construction
• Hand-laid interwoven layers of fibreglass, organic fibres and resin
 Super lightweight, high-strength shell is both strong and elastic
 Four shell sizes ensure a custom fit for head sizes XS-XXL

RYD Multi-Ply matrix AIM Shell

Dual Layer / Multi-Density EPS Liner

 Enhanced impact absorption achieved through varying EPS density
 Cooling air is channeled through multiple tunnels in the EPS liner
 Compact, lightweight design achieved through placement of the EPS

CWR-1 / CWR-F Visor

 Compatible with CWR-1 or CWR-F visors – no adjustment necessary
• CWR-1 is the standard NXR visor, designed for road use
• CWR-F is the standard X-Spirit III visor, designed for race use (flat)
• Visor is 100% optically correct for distortion-free view
• Protects against 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays
• Innovative rib on top and base improve rigidity and prevent bending
• Rib also enhances visor seal for perfect wind and weatherproofing
 Supplied with Shoei-exclusive Pinlock® EVO anti-fog film

Street visors available in:

– Clear
– Dark Tint
– Silver Spectra (aka Iridium)
Blue Spectra (aka Iridium)
– Gold Spectra (aka Iridium)
– Transitions Photochromatic

Flat racing visors available in:

– Clear
– Dark Tint
– Hi-Def Yellow
– Light Tint

QR-E Dual Stage Baseplates

 QR-E baseplate system easily allows for fast shield changes
 Spring-loaded baseplates pull the shield back against the eye port
• Dual lip, dual layered window beading ensures a weatherproof seal
 Five-stage rotating dial easily fine-tunes the baseplate’s position

Interior Comfort System

 Fully customisable, removable, washable, and replaceable interior
 3D liner absorbs and dissipates sweat faster than nylon liners
 3D center pad components match the contours of the rider’s head
• Contoured cheek pads (sold separately) for a fully customisable fit
 Glasses compatible liner with recessed slots for the rider’s glasses

RYD Interior Comfort System
RYD EQRS Emergency Quick Release System

Emergency Quick Release System

 Allows medical personnel easy access to the head
• Can easily and safely remove cheek pads from the helmet
 Can gently remove helmet from injured rider’s head
• Only places minimal load on the neck during removal

Intercom Compatible

 Purpose-built intercom recess is designed to fit all top-selling models
 Easily fit intercom by detaching the ear section and fit in the recess


 Breath guard (sold separately)
 Chin curtain (included)
 Lower spoiler (sold separately)
 Pinlock ® EVO shield and insert (included)
 Nylon drawstring helmet bag (included)

Starting at RRP: $649.90

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